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Feel the taste of joy

We fill our cans with quality wines from the refined terroirs of France - serving both class and sass. On a picnic. On the sea. On the couch... Crack open that can and let out a Yasss.

The Riesling

Luscious riesling with a spritz and lot of fun! Enjoy lively flavors of fresh peach and green apples. Grown in sun-blessed vineyards of Pfalz, Germany.

Yasss Riesling 250ml and Yasss Riesling 330ml standing on a table
Yasss Rosé 250ml and Yasss Rosé 330ml on a colorful outdoor background

The Rosé

Dazzling pink rosé with delicate raspberry, strawberry aromas and a fruity finish. Grown in Bordeaux, France's most famous wine region. Best enjoyed with family and friends!

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We sell on Amazon Germany, see our wines here:

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For retailers, hoteliers and restaurateurs

We offer a range of B2B options on our canned wine. Get in touch with us at contact@yasss.com to get a quote and find out more. We also sell B2B on Ankorstore and Creoate.

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